⚓️ Naas - Release Note - 1.12.0
Naas => 1.12.0
Naas drivers => 0.54.6
Naas hub => 2.10.7
JupyterLab => 3.0.12
🚀 What's new?
  • Added Naas badge feature to help everyone download files (ex: from Github repo) in their naas
    md = naas_drivers.awesomenotebooks.badget(URL)
    to get it Naas Badge
  • Add Naas badge in every Awesome Notebook
  • Added Jupyter plugin to help you to discover Jupyter
  • Added Jupyter plugin to correct spelling in Markdown
  • Added Jupyter plugin to lint your python code, it will help you to follow the best practices
  • Added Feature to allow you to rename your production file
    naas.move(OLDPATH, NEWPATH)
  • Added Jupyter plugin to autocomplete code when you write
  • Added Jupyter plugin to show code documentation when you hover code
  • Added Feature to find URL of prod asset or webhook.
  • Split get started documentation in two-part with advanced use cases in second part
  • Support of Juno connect, you can use the app to connect to your Naas from your iPhone or iPad!
  • Add method to display manager in your notebook, useful in Juno env!
😎 New Awesomes Templates
  • No new template this time!
📺 Tech improvements
  • When timestamps are present in Dataframe, they are now automatically converted to text in the Google Sheet connector. (thanks
    for the report )
  • Fix all dependency versions in Naas, Lab, and Drivers, our goal: Keep our env the most predictable possible.
  • Renamed driver
  • Renamed driver
  • Renamed
    with deprecated policy
  • Renamed
    with deprecated policy
  • Fix page
    design in hub
  • Fix page
    forgot password
    design in hub
  • Fix the memory usage plugin, you can now see again how much mem you consume.
  • We upgraded Jupyterlab to V3!
  • Remove Elyra runtime, which was not compatible with Jupyterlab 3
  • Change xlsx plugin to one compatible with Jupyterlab 3
  • naas.scheduler.add(cron="* * * * *")
    work now as expected
  • naas.scheuduler.currents()
    returns now a normalized list you can use the path in other methods without worries.
  • Allow
    Naas with GPU
    , It’s still very in early-stage but you can give it a try! To do so restart your machine from the hub file then the hub control panel then stop and start your machine, choose GPU one!
  • Upgrade to JupiterLab 3, it still needs some improvement but that in a good way!
  • Fix bug when hitting reload in the manager who broke the design.
  • Upgrade many dependency in latest version
  • Make our CI / CD deploy every update for new users only after each release !
  • We use now a Jupyterhub-proxy with Redis database that keeps all sessions so we can update the machine without losing your session.
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⚓️ Naas - Release Note - 1.1.0
Naas => 1.1.0
Naas drivers => 0.48.0
Naas hub => 0.3.44
🚀 What's new?
  • BREAKING CHANGE webhook params are now set in variables instead of raw in the first cell
You have to now use
, and
Screenshot 2021-03-02 at 14
Screen Recording 2021-03-02 at 22
  • New hub design Screenshot 2021-03-08 at 14
  • New update system, we can now update users incrementally, one by one, so it will help us to contain bugs if a few happen!
😎 New Awesomes Templates
  • Add AlphaVantage: Get fundamental data
  • Add AWS: Upload file in an S3 bucket
  • Add Bubble driver: Trigger workflow
  • Rename Crypto by CCXT to match tools categorization
  • Add Cityfalcon driver: Get data from API
  • Merge FTP with FTPS
  • Merge Excel 365 with Excel
  • Add Google Drive: Download file
  • Add Healthchecks: Perform basic actions
  • Add Jupyter: Get my user information
  • Add Linear regression driver in Naas folder
  • Add Mailbox driver in Naas folder
  • Add MongoDB driver: Get and send data
  • Add Thinkific driver: Get users, send users
+ Applied naming convention TOOL_ACTION-VERB_DETAIL.ipynb to all templates.
📺 Tech improvements
  • PyTorch is preinstall now
  • Add a loader in manager to let you know that it's searching.
  • Add a debounce time to the search bar, to let you type before starting to search!
  • Fixed issue with webhook
  • Fixed reset password page
  • Fixed issue with the authenticator module that uses a deprecated system
  • Fix our automatic test because of breaking change of a dependency:
  • Make it easier to test Naas locally with docker, now assets, and webhook works too!
  • Add new automatic test for webhook params injection =
    fewer bugs <3
  • Automatically stop your machine when you don't have credits anymore
  • "Download file" in your Naas now open it correctly each time!
  • Naas logo (N) is set in manager, launcher, jupyterlab and jupyterhub
Screenshot 2021-03-02 at 19
  • Split reverse proxy from the hub, update our architecture don't require restarting all users anymore!
  • Add database storage in the hub proxy, allow us to restart the proxy without loosing running users
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⚓️ Naas - Release Note - 0.35.0
Naas => 0.35.0
Naas drivers => 0.45.0
🚀 What's new?
  • See in your manager how much credit you last run took!
  • Our first open-source contribution! Thanks a lot dagfr
  • Add Changelog button in manager
  • Added
    to help you get our template list and Download them into your naas easily !
  • add LinkedIn get_profil method to get user profile data !
😎 New Awesomes Templates
  • add a new example for google sheet
📺 Tech improvements
  • Crisp help is now the same in manager and
  • Jobs migration, each task you have added include now history for our credit consumption system.
  • Manager design fixed
  • add back missing function in email driver
  • fix pdf driver who was showing an error
  • Change manager logo to the N of naas
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⚓️ Naas - Release Note - 0.33.3
It's our official second release on Canny 🎆
🚀 What's new?
  • Added a new callback feature! you can now create a temporary endpoint with
    this helps for all 0auth system who need to respond on URL, callback is made for this.
  • Add runs history in manager, which allows us to make a better report of your machine usage.
  • Rebuild manager, allow you to understand better the error that occurs in your script, open the output, filter, etc!
  • Added download system
    naas. get_download_url ()
    , with a simple link you can download a GitHub file into your machine!
  • Added
    who is empty in development and with value in production, that can help you do to script who need info where they are running.
  • We removed machine logs from your manager to let you see only your notebooks activity!
  • Now a deleted job is never deleted, we keep it in history.
  • Manager is styled in black now like our login page
  • Change the last runtime to HH:MM:SS
  • New onboarding for usersScreenshot 2021-02-16 at 19 When your start Naas for the first time, you get a notebook to explain how it's working!
  • New sidebar configuration, table of content in first, then file then search, and last GitHub. At the bottom, you can see the button for more advanced usages
😎 New Awesomes Templates
  • Plaid get your bank transactions from any banks thanks to the callback system!
  • Cryptocurrency: analyze any crypto trend and do prediction on it.
  • IFTTT: start IFTTT workflow from Naas in two steps.
  • Zappier: start Zappier workflow from Naas in two steps
  • Integromat: start Integromat workflow from Naas in two steps.
  • Instagram : post picture and a text on instagram from Naas :)
  • Stripe: get your financial report from Stripe as Dataframe.
  • Created an awesome notebook to generate the awesome notebook 💪
📺 Tech improvements
  • Fixed logging error when update assets
  • Fixed path showed in manager and
    now you can copy the path to use it in delete or another formula.
  • Changed the Naas parameters injection to code injection, before :
Screenshot 2021-02-15 at 11 after:
image It's helps naas to understand better the context of execution.
  • Fixed push a new version of your notebook in prod, don't reset his running stats.
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⚓️ Naas - Release Note - 0.27.2
It's our official first release on Canny 🎆
🚀 What's new?
  • Get the list of email you all notifications you have sent with
  • Need help? Ask for help with
    directly from your notebook, and the core team will come to you!
  • You requested to see what was already install in your naas, check it there :
  • Edit Csv in jupyter, just double click on one !
  • naas.api
    has been renamed to
    please migrate your script
    before june 2021
  • Send image and text to slack with
  • Send image and text to teams with
  • Hubspot connector to manage your leads
  • Quoto connector
  • Markdown connector
  • You can now set your timezone to have scheduler on your timezone with
  • naas_drivers.html
    is deprecated we renamed it in
    this name is more accurate about what it really does, it will be
    delete in june 2021
😎 New Awesomes Templates
We deleted the categories to give you direct access to the templates, by app name.
📺 Tech improvements
  • Fixed Delete your file from prod with
  • Fixed Naas webhook respond notebook with
  • Fixed Naas webhook respond image inline
  • Fixed Naas Update Assets don't update the token, only if you ask for it. with
  • Fixed useless messages, and add more to help you understand what happens on Naas
  • New Deprecated mechanism, when something shouldn't be used you will receive a warning message.
  • Refactor of our code base to enable you to connect to your Naas from Google Colab or your local Jupyter instance. ❤️
  • We keep progressing on the road to 100% automated test (63% => 70%)! This will make Naas more reliable and secure! #kudos to the core team 🙏
  • We upgraded to Jupyter lab 2.2.9
  • We upgraded to Jupyter hub 1.3.0
  • We upgraded to Python 3.9.1
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